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A Note To My Customers:
I try and check my voice messages & email at least once a day, since I spend most of my days in very bad cell phone coverage, either very rural or in big metal hangers, I have noticed texting will normally go through. A text will sit in "queue" waiting for a signal, then shoot the text to you, where a cell phone call will not. If you can text, that is the best way to get a hold of me. Thank you.

TALK TO ME ABOUT YOUR ADS-B NEEDS. Let's get you on the schedule at PDG.


PDG Services is a F.A.A. Certified Repair Station (G49R038Y) which provides a mobile avionics service, bringing biennial transponder & altimeter certifications to the customer, along with avionics troubleshooting and custom installations. As a small business with low overhead, PDG Services can pass along the savings to the customer through lower prices.

Maybe you just need someone to manage your airplane, PDG Services has the experience to do that as well from corporate size and larger to general aviation. Paul has managed most types of corporate aircraft Bombardier, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker, and has dealt with both Rockwell Collins and Honeywell.

Better Flights Thru Better Avionics

214.886.5894, direct, VOICE & TEXT

PDG Services 670 Ferris Rd Ste. 104 Lancaster Regional Airport (LNC) Lancaster, TX 75146 214.886.5894 paul@pdgservices.com