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Probably not enough, I’m sure. Everyone has questions regarding the upcoming regulation. 

What is ADS-B?   .... ADS-B is the acronym for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast. 

Automatic: In that the system continually transmits data automatically, without the need to be interrogated, or without any extra work from the crew.
Dependent: The system requires a position source of very high accuracy, a WAAS GPS. 
Surveillance: The system will provide air traffic control with high accuracy position data. 
Broadcast: Meaning the system will transmit accurate position information and data to other aircraft and to ground stations that can re-broadcast that information. 

Just like ALL electronics, things continue to evolve, smaller, lighter, with more bells and whistles. ADS-B is no exception. On the same point, waiting too long can be risky as well, meaning possibly waiting longer for availability, shop time, and higher prices.

Now everybody is in a different situation, but I have been leaning toward the ADS-B out transponders as a good way to go about it, especially for those without a WAAS GPS already installed, and here is why;
1. By installing either a stand-alone ADS-B unit or a remote unit that is remotely mounted, shares existing transponder antenna. The problem here is just that, it is remotely mounted, meaning the nickel you save on it you will make up for in the installation, running wires to wherever it is finally mounted, interior considerations included. On top of that, there needs to be a cockpit indication of the status of the ADS-B system, meaning it could be something as simple as a light. On top of these considerations is the fact at the end of the project, you still have your old, ready to die at any second transponder, maybe leaving you with problems.
2.       The ADS-B transponder idea, to me, makes sense here for the fact that everything, for the most part is already at the existing transponder, all you need to add is the GPS antenna, coax, etc. Being in the cockpit already, it meets the status indication requirement as well. Another good thing with the ADS-B out transponder that is you ARE ALSO updating your transponder at the same time, not waiting for it to die and eventually have to buy a new one.

PDG Services is a Certified Repair Station (CRS G49R038Y) with the proper calibrated testing equipment for all required transponders, and ADS-B systems, 1090ES ADS-B as well as the 978 MHz UAT ADS-B.

Call me, let's figure out what is best for your aircraft and schedule a time for your installation!

Reading fodder;

FAR 91.225, ADS-B Equipment and Use;


FAR 91.227, ADS-B Out Performance Requirements;


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