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Probably not enough, I’m sure. Everyone has questions regarding the upcoming regulation. The new requirement that was passed in 2010 intends to make the ADS-B mandatory in flying over 3,000’ by January 2020. 
What is ADS-B?   .... ADS-B is the acronym for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast. 

Automatic: In that the system continually transmits data automatically, without the need to be interrogated, or without any extra work from the crew.
Dependent: The system requires a position source of very high accuracy, a WAAS GPS. 
Surveillance: The system will provide air traffic control with high accuracy position data. 
Broadcast: Meaning the system will transmit accurate position information and data to other aircraft and to ground stations that can re-broadcast that information. 

One of the bigger fears I hear is of course the money. A lot of people are under the impression that the industry standard King KT76A transponders, or other ATCRBS (mode A/C) transponder will need to be replaced. A new transponder, plus some additional boxes, and an antenna or two, what is next, a big screen TV? 

When they finally did pass the law, it was a double band system. One set of frequencies for aircraft flying over 18,000 and a second set for those flying between 3,000 and 18,000. IT IS mandatory for those flying over 18 to have the Mode S with the extended squitter (1090 MHz), NOT for those flying between the 3,000 – 18,000, this system is referred to as the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT, 978 MHz). And in this ruling ADS-B OUT is the only requirement, where ADS-B IN is a highly desired option!
Here’s the beauty of it, if you want to keep your existing transponder, you can with some of the UAT systems. But for those that have been hanging on to that older transponder waiting, as new stuff continues to come out need to check out some of the new all in one units; transponder and ADS-B out. The UAT system has a lot of functionality to it, especially if you elect to get ADS-B in. And guess what, you can use a “temporary mounted” iPad to increase your awareness, position, weather, traffic, etc. (and some of these boys making these are local Central/North Texans, yup! What could be better?) Options include transmitting Wi-Fi into the airplane for your "temporary mounted" tablet.  

PDG Services is a Certified Repair Station (CRS G49R038Y) with the proper calibrated testing equipment for all required transponders, 1090ES ADS-B as well as the 978 MHz UAT ADS-B.

Call me, let's figure out what is best for your aircraft and schedule a time for your installation!

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