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Our Commitment to Quality Certifications:

PDG Services offers both IFR & VFR certifications to the General Aviation community.

PDG Services provides a mobile avionics service, bringing biennial IFR & VFR certifications to the customer which makes our customers save even more than our already lower prices, although you are more than welcome to fly in to Lancaster (LNC) as well and get a good price on fuel and grab a great burger while you are here. We will come to most locations inside the metroplex, if you are outside the metroplex call (214.886.5894) and lets work something out, maybe we can get a few certifications lined up, depending on your distance.

The VFR certification tests a number of things including but not limited to: Power Output, Frequency Deviation, Side Lobe Suppression (SLS), Minimum Trigger Level (MTL) and ground only altitude reporting. The test takes about 15 minutes and can be completed with or without the owners presence.

In addition to VFR tests, the IFR certification also includes altimeter and altitude reporting tests, stopping at many altitude targets along the way, and comparing the altitude readout to what altitude is being reported to the ground and comparing both of those to the calibrated test boxes. The IFR takes, at most 2 hours, and like the VFR, can be completed with or without the owners presence.

Both certifications are valid for two years. At each certification, please remember to either BRING YOUR LOG BOOKS (airframe only) or leave them at the airplane. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Taken from the official FAA website.

91.411, Instrument Flight Rules (IFR):

~~ "No person may operate an airplane, or helicopter, in controlled airspace under IFR unless— Within the preceding 24 calendar months, each static pressure system, each altimeter instrument, and each automatic pressure altitude reporting system has been tested and inspected..."

91.413, Visual Flight Rules (VFR):

~~"No persons may use an ATC transponder that is specified in 91.215(a), 121.345(c), or §135.143(c) of this chapter unless, within the preceding 24 calendar months, the ATC transponder has been tested..."

All tests required by 91.411 & 91.413 are specified in part 43 appendix E & F.

Biennial Certifications

FAR 91.411 & 91.413 (IFR & VFR)

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